Our services are fully operative and we are ready to cater for your translation and interpreting needs with our usual quality.


Face-to-face, online, video or telephone interpreting, any way you need it. Leverage off our experience. Our services are also available through all digital platforms.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Real-time interpreting with no interruptions to speakers. Interpreters work in pairs, taking turns every 30 minutes for accurate and correct interpretation.

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter listens and takes notes. Then the speaker pauses to allow for interpretation.

Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter passes messages between two persons or for small groups.

Whispering interpreting

The interpreter whispers in the client's ear. It is used in very special cases.


Services in Peruvian originary languages, including Quechua, Aymara, Awajun and Ashaninka.

Experience across numerous subjects

Banking, insurance and finance.
Investment projects and tenders.

Social and political issues.

Law and taxation.

Business management and consulting.
Marketing, communication and sales.

Information technology.

Industry and engineering.


Pharmacy and medicine.

Ecology and environment.

Energy and mining.