At ESIT we work in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Arab, among others, as well as in Peru’s native tongues, such as Quechua, Aimara, Awajun and Ashaninka.

• Management, business and consulting
• Law and taxation
• Banking, insurance and finance
• Oil, gas and mining
• Information technology
• Industry and engineering
• Ecology and environment
• Safety and Security
• Pharmacy and medicine
• Marketing, communication and sales
• Investment projects and tenders
• Social and political affairs
• Others
• Complex publications
• Web page contents
• Manuals
• Training materials
• Financial statements
• Newsletters
• Contracts
• Reports
• Annual reports
• Others


Simple Translation

General and specialized texts, translated accurately and in a timely manner.

Certified translations

Personnel registered in the Translators’ Association certify the content of translated documents that do not require official translations.


Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting does not interrupt the speaker and the interpreters work in couples, switching every 30 minutes for a correct and accurate interpretation. It requires electronic interpreting equipment and a specially prepared booth. It is used for conferences or congresses.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes and the speaker pauses to allow for interpreting. It is used in short events, press conferences or interviews.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter acts as a “bridge” between two people or small groups of people, transmitting messages from one language to another in both directions. It is used for business meetings, consultations, advisory sessions or in small meetings.

Whispering interpretation

The interpreter whispers in the client’s ear (softly and in a low voice): It is often used in State dinners and meetings.


Simultaneous interpreting equipment:

Interpreter booths, audio consoles, transmitters, receivers and headphones, microphones, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting portable equipment:

For escort services, visits, field work or for meetings of up to 20 people.

Audio, photo and video equipment:

Amplifiers, projectors, screens, filming and multimedia equipment.


Experience Peru

Tourism escorting of our clients during their free time, with the best cultural content and in several languages, to transform your business trip in a pleasure trip.


Text proofing:

In several languages, when a text needs correcting.


In several languages, when a text needs to be written in better style and/or adapted for the population or place it addresses.


From an audio or video file, in several languages.


  • Specialized translations for each script according to the client’s goal, whether it is a literal translation (metaphrase), an interpretative one (paraphrase) or a regionalized one.

  • Native professional narrators that master different Peruvian languages.

  • Professional audio and video studio.

  • Sound specialists and expert video editors.